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Educating and inspiring the next generation of hydrologists and scientists is crucial for addressing the complex water challenges we face globally. Hydrological science plays a vital role in understanding the distribution, movement, and quality of water on Earth, and its applications are diverse, ranging from managing water resources sustainably to mitigating the impacts of floods and droughts. 

By disseminating knowledge, promoting understanding, and cultivating expertise in hydrological science and its applications, Hydro-JULES will help inspire and support the next generation of hydrologists, scientists, and decision-makers and also empower individuals to make informed decisions and develop solutions to pressing water-related issues. 

Through our collaborative efforts and dedication to education and research, we can work towards a more sustainable and water-secure future. 

Our activities include: 

Researcher Exchange Programme

The Hydro-JULES Research Exchange Programme presents an invaluable opportunity for academics, scientists, and industry practitioners to engage in collaborative working with the Hydro-JULES team. This initiative facilitates knowledge exchange, fosters the advancement of ongoing research initiatives, and catalyses the exploration of new research avenues within hydrological science and its applications. 

By participating in this programme, individuals can benefit from the diverse expertise and perspectives offered by the Hydro-JULES team, whilst enhancing their own research. Collaboration between academia, industry, and scientific practitioners can lead to innovative solutions and approaches to address complex water challenges and advance the field of hydrology.  The Research Exchange Programme also provides a platform for networking, making professional connections, and building lasting collaborations  

Visit our Hydro-JULES Researcher Exchange Programme page to apply or find out more. 

Hydro-Jules Internships

The Hydro-JULES summer internships provide a valuable opportunity for university students to gain practical experience, contribute to meaningful research projects, and prepare for careers in hydrology and environmental sciences. 

We provide opportunities for our Interns to collaborate with experienced researchers and scientists, gaining practical experience in conducting hydrological research.  Our internship projects are closely aligned to and support ongoing research initiatives within Hydro-JULES, therefore the interns are contributing to meaningful projects that have real-world applications and relevance to the programme's goals and objectives. The Hydro-JULES programme helps to promote interest and engagement in hydrological science among university students, advances the science and helps to cultivate the next generation of hydrologists and environmental scientists who are equipped to tackle the complex water challenges of the future. 

Visit our internship to find out more

Modelling Hydrology and Global Change Course

The Modelling Hydrology and Global Change course offered by Hydro-JULES is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate, post-graduate, and early career researchers (ECRs) interested in hydrology, land surface science, and related environmental fields who are interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in modelling hydrological systems and understanding the impacts of global change on water resources. 

The course places emphasis on modelling hydrological systems, providing participants with the knowledge and practical skills in hydrological modelling techniques and equipping participants with the tools they need to analyse complex hydrological processes under different climate scenarios. 

This on-line course provides participants with opportunities to network with peers, instructors, and experts in the field of hydrology and global change research. These connections can be invaluable for building professional relationships, collaborating on research projects, and accessing career opportunities in the future. 

For more information on how to apply to this course, visit our Modelling Hydrology and Global Change page.

Science Festivals

Hydro-JULES' presence at UK science festivals plays a vital role in inspiring and educating the next generation of hydrologists and environmental scientists. By providing engaging and interactive experiences, Hydro-JULES helps cultivate a passion for science and encourages young people to explore careers in hydrology and related fields. 

Our interactive exhibits and hands-on activities provide a fun and engaging way for children, parents, carers and members of the public to learn about the importance of hydrology in various aspects of life.  Our exhibits highlight the importance of hydrology in addressing pressing environmental challenges, such as water management, and climate extremes. We hope that by raising environmental awareness through community engagement at science festivals, the Hydro-JULES education programme will ensure that science education is accessible to all.