Hydro-JULES is a research programme, funded by the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council, to bring together a wide community of modellers, hydrologists and meteorologists to share data, approaches and analysis methods to inform a new generation of hydrological models.  

In order to advance our ability to predict the future availability of water resources and the risk of water related disasters under a changing climate, it is necessary to bring together the land surface and hydrological modelling communities. Investment in Hydro-JULES has enabled a comprehensive programme of work aimed at building advanced modelling infrastructure to understand floods and water scarcity in the UK and overseas, whilst advances through monitoring and supporting data bring further benefits. 
Hydro-JULES allows the research community to address critical research questions in the fields of hydrology, land-atmosphere feedbacks, carbon and nutrient cycles, data science and integration with novel instrumentation and Earth observation technologies; quantify the risks of hydro-climatic extremes (e.g., floods and drought) in a changing environment to support long-range planning and policy decisions; improve hydrological forecasting using new sensors and modelling technology. 
These web pages explore the scientific drivers for integrated land surface and hydrological modelling and outline the main elements of the structure of our work programme.