Hydro-JULES Case Studies

Discover more about Hydro-JULES research and progress through our research case studies.

Following is a selection of case studies demonstrating the length and breadth of the research and activities taking place in the Hydro-JULES programme. They give an overview of the task objective, challenges and outcomes within each of the six work packages.

  • A modular modelling framework for the terrestrial water cycle - Thibault Hallouin and the Hydro-JULES Developer Team
  • Improving rainfall “blind spots” with advanced X-band radar - Steven Cole, John Wallbank, Robert Moore (UKCEH) David Dufton, Ryan Neely III, Lindsay Bennett (NCAS)
  • Combining data and models to improve soil moisture estimates - Elizabeth Cooper, Rich Ellis, Eleanor Blyth, Simon Dadson, Ewan Pinnington
  • Improving wetland flood predictions in Earth System models - Toby Marthews, Simon Dadson, Douglas Clark 
  • Creating the very first groundwater model of the British mainland - Milly Lewis, Brighid O Dochartaigh, Jonathan Lee, Andrew Newell, Johanna Scheidegger, Marco Bianchi, Majdi Mansour and Andrew Hughes (BGS)
  • Improving soil moisture estimates in the UK and globally - Maliko Tanguy, Rich Ellis, Simon Dadson, Jamie Hannaford, Jian Peng
  • Introducing Hydro-JULES to the classroom - Victoria Barlow & Simon Dadson (UKCEH)
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Hj Case Study