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Hydro-JULES is dedicated to enhancing public awareness and comprehension of hydrology, the study of water within the environment. Attending and exhibiting hands-on activities at science festivals offers a unique opportunity to engage with large and diverse audiences. Audiences are predominantly children, ranging from pre-school to key stage 3, visiting with families and schools and therefore provide an excellent opportunity to inspire the next generation of hydrologists and environmental scientists. 

Through our interactive exhibits, we can ignite curiosity, foster learning, and promote the science of hydrology, show the breadth the subject and its increasing importance in a changing climate. By connecting directly with the public, Hydro-JULES can spark interest in scientific inquiry, stimulate discussions about pressing environmental issues, and ultimately contribute to building a more scientifically informed society. The festivals serve as a platform for leaving a lasting impression on children, amplifying the projects impact far beyond the confines of the complex computer modelling. 

Our three activities for 2024 include: 

  • Thirsty Food Game 
  • The Augmented Reality Sandbox  
  • Soils as Sponges 
Thirsty Food

Thirsty Food Game 

This fun and interactive card game is designed to engage participants and remind them of the importance of water in agriculture and aims to raise awareness of water usage in food production – from farm to fork.  

AR Sandbox

Augmented Reality Sandbox  

The AR sandbox turns the surface into a colourful interactive 3D play area that responds to movement providing a hands-on experience for participants to explore and understand the effects of topography, land use, and water management on water flow. We aim to show how human activities can impact the movement of water in the environment and the challenges of water management. 

Soils as Sponges

Soils as Sponges

This simple exhibition demonstrates the role of soils in water retention in the context of extreme weather events like floods and droughts. We show how healthy soils act as natural sponges, absorbing and slowly releasing water, promoting the importance of soil conservation and sustainable land management practices. This activity helps attendees understand the connection between soil health, water resources, and environmental resilience. 

2024 Science Festivals

This year, we will be exhibiting at two science festivals.  You can find us at: 

  • Edinburgh Science Festival 

Date: 11th – 13th April 2024 
Venue: Dynamic Earth 
Exhibit: World of Water 
Visit the website for more information: 

  • Manchester Science Festival

Date 18th – 23rd October 2024 
Venue: Science and Industry Museum 
Visit the website for more information: 

For further information on any of the activities listed above, please get in touch at