Professional summary

Research Interests

Jamie leads the Hydrological Status and Reporting Group at UKCEH, which comprises scientists working on hydrological data management, hydrological monitoring and seasonal forecasting, analysis of past hydrological change and appraisal of future climate change impacts. Jamie’s research interests include the investigation of hydrological trends, to assess the evidence for climate change and other impacts on river flows in the UK and Europe. He has published extensively in this field and authored a recent synthesis of the evidence for climate-driven river flow trends in the UK. 

Jamie is PI on a Belmont Forum project “DrIVER” (Drought Impacts and Vulnerability Thresholds in Monitoring and Early Warning Research), working with partners in Europe, the US and Australia to provide a scientific underpinning for future improvements in drought monitoring and early warning. He is Lead PI on the £1.5m NERC-funded project “Historic Droughts”, running from 2014 – 2018, which aims to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of the drivers and impacts of past droughts in the UK.

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