The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology is the Natural Environment Research Council's research centre for freshwater science. CEH coordinates internationally leading research and expertise in freshwater sciences and provides infrastructure, training and leadership to the UK hydrological community. The Hydro-JULES programme will build a three-dimensional, open source, community model of the terrestrial water cycle to support and enable collaborative work across the research and academic communities in hydrology and land-surface science.

The purpose of the CEH Hydro-JULES visiting scientists programme is to facilitate collaborations that will share knowledge, advance existing research, stimulate new research areas, allow collective response to scientific initiatives, raise the international profile of CEH and enable new relationships to be built in the following environmental research fields:

  • quantification of hydro-meteorological risks,
  • using high-resolution climate predictions for hydrological applications,
  • calculation the impacts of environmental change on evaporation, transpiration, and soil moisture,
  • modelling flood inundation over large areas,
  • representing anthropogenic interventions in the water cycle, and
  • application of new techniques including Earth observation and data assimilation.

The Programme provides funding of up to £2,500 per applicant to support work that is aligned to the Hydro-JULES strategy, by hosting UK and international scientists visiting and working within CEH.


How to apply

As part of the application process, you will be asked to complete the online proposal form* and to provide:

  • A short curriculum vitae indicating educational and professional experience, and publications.
  • Supporting evidence in the form of a letter from the applicant’s home institution indicating that they: fully understand the nature of the scheme; realise where appropriate that no funds are available as a contribution to salary, research costs, apparatus, or bench fees; and that they welcome the proposed visit.

The applicant must agree to the Terms and Conditions. This agreement is confirmation that if the proposal is successful, under the conditions of the CEH Hydro-JULES Visiting Scientist Programme, they agree to:

  • provide a one-page report to the Project Manager describing the visit and its accomplishments within 30 days of completion of the visit;
  • appear in publicity and promotion materials for CEH;
  • acknowledge the support of Hydro-JULES funds in any publications or presentations arising from the visit.