Dr. Eleanor Blyth

Dr Eleanor Blyth

Eleanor has a background in representing the land surface in meteorological and hydrological models. She has expertise in the relevant processes: evaporation, soil processes, soil freezing, snow processes, the generation of run-off and also photosynthesis. She has a keen interest in using data to test and develop models. In addition, research interests include assessing methods to represent heterogeneous terrain (snow, vegetation, soil moisture, topography) and changing the representation of key hydrological processes. She has recently been focussing on developing a protocol using global, gridded evaporation data to evaluate an ensemble of models.

Eleanor is currently managing the science in several major projects for NERC and the EU: Work package leader for the modelling in the NERC GREENHOUSE project, co-leader for an evaluation work package in the FP7 project eartH2Observe. Eleanor is Vice-Chair of the iLEAPS Science Steering Committee, a Member of GEWEX-GLASS representing Benchmarking and Chair of the Science and Applications committee of JULES.