Hydro-JULES is a NERC-funded research programme which will build a three-dimensional community model of the terrestrial water cycle to underpin hydrological research in the United Kingdom. Hydro-JULES will be delivered by CEH in partnership with BGS and NCAS.

The Hydro-JULES model and its associated datasets will enable the UK to tackle outstanding research questions in hydrological science and will provide a national resource to support research both specific to the Hydro-JULES project and beyond.

Hydro-JULES will support and enable collaborative work across the research and academic community to:

  • address important science questions in the fields of hydrology, land-atmosphere feedbacks, carbon and nutrient cycles, data science and integration with novel instrumentation and Earth observation technologies;
  • quantify the risks of hydro-climatic extremes (e.g., floods and drought) in a changing environment to support long-range planning and policy decisions;
  • improve hydrological forecasting using new sensors and modelling technology.